An Open Colour System for Print and Screen

About the Lingua Colour project

Since the early 1960s, colour selection and discussion in the graphic arts and other design professions has been dominated by the Pantone Matching System (PMS). While this privately-owned system served us well in the years prior to digital ‘desktop’ publishing it is no longer ideal. Lingua Colour is a new, open system that better serves the needs of creative professionals and educators working across both digital and ‘real-world’ physical media. More about the project.

About the Colour Knowledge survey

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The Colour Knowledge survey will help determine the level of understanding of the nature of colour in both the general community and those with a professional or academic interest in the subject. It forms a central pillar of doctoral research into the development of a new, open, colour system: Lingua Colour.

Principal investigators and Partners

The project is led by Craig Kirkwood, PhD researcher at Cardiff Metropolitan University in collaboration with his company, Colourverse.

Research supervisors: Prof. Rob Pepperell and Prof. Gareth Loudon of the Cardiff School of Art and Design.